P3C projects are diverse but all adhere to our smart-contracts and payment gateways. We don't expect any specific project to Unicorn. Instead, we're focused on proving how to bring outside income into the community and sharing knowledge and tools for others to do the same.

Simple charts to track P3C token volume and price.

100% complete


Create a message and broadcast it to the world! Featured on, P3C, and partner sites. Broadcast is stored permanently on the blockchain and can be read by any Ethereum Classic node. Also hosted on our server.

100% complete


Hush Hound

List events, find talent, and connect with all the wrong people. Where organizers, artists, venues, and the community plan to get down.

90% complete

Hush Hound

Crystal Ball

Intelligent market maker and prediction market where speculators can bet on binary future outcomes. Uses the Hourglass algorithm to incentivize early decsion making. The sooner you can make the call, the faster you can earn dividends even if you are wrong. Still under construction, competitor to Augur and Bitmex.

75% complete

Move Pro

HR and financial tools for movers including smart-contract escrow feature, reputation management, and location tracking.

50% complete

To the Flag

Real-world, real-time global capture-the-flag game with monetary rewards provided by various types of sponsors.

40% complete


Team building through industry-wide role-playing games. Builds upon and consolidates tech from previous projects to produce meaningful interactions between people and organizations.

25% complete