Planetary Prosperity Project

Income, access, and status opportunities for cryptosavvy communities.

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Ubiquitous Income

Every buy, sell or transfer in the economy delivers a 10% community fee proportionally to all token holders. Participants earn dividends they can withdraw or reinvest at anytime.

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Transparent Activity

Every activity is recorded and easy to see. Read through the rules that are the foundation for the system. These rules emphasize long-term holding over short term profit seeking.

Unchangeable rules

Immutable Ledger

The entire system is self governed on the decentralized Ethereum Classic blockchain. This contract has been audited and cannot be modified, removed, or tampered with.

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How to play

  1. Disable Metamask.
  2. Get Saturn (Desktop) or Trust (Phone) 2a. Switch to ETC network
  3. Acquire ETC (Ethereum Classic) via Coinbase or your favourite exchange.
  4. Send acquired ETC to your Saturn or Trust wallet address.
  5. Navigate to the wallet, buy tokens, and begin managing your holdings.

Make sure you keep your seedwords safe! Saturn wallet and Metamask cannot run at the same time.

Step-by-step "Getting Started" video tutorial. See here for help.

Prosperity in 6 steps

Today's payment gateways (credit cards, cash, wire transfers) are cumbersome and outdated, which means we all pay unjust costs.

How many different credit cards do you have? Bank accounts? Reward programs? Loyalty points? Not to mention the inconvenience of cash. The technology now exists to replace your financial cornucopia with a fast and secure digital payment method. Furthermore, the current payment processing was designed decades ago and it's usage causes inefficient processing, fraud and fragility — translating into higher costs.

Fast, secure, inexpensive, open.

We're utlizing smart contracts for increased security, and to build a community network. We plan to prevent fraud with machine learning and other heavy statistical analysis. Letting the immutability and computation of smart-contracts make transactions faster, cheaper, and way more trusted. The best part is the system is 100% open to everyone in the world -- our smart contract is international, and offers everyone the same deal, regardless of nationality or background.

Don't we have fast, cheap, and secure payments already?

Not until P3C hit the scene. At best, current transaction methods are pick 2. Credit cards are certainly fast, on the order of 45k transactions per second. Unfortunately, they also rake 2-3% of every transaction. Same goes for PayPal. It is free to deposit money in someone's account. However, it may take some time for the bank to take cash and update an account. Let's not even consider the time it takes to clear a free check. Cash has the lowest level of security unless you're a monarch with a moated castle but then you'll still deal with arbitrary inflation/deflation (Ahem, Fed). Most people don't realize the amount of loss big fintech covers due to fraud and chargebacks. We're still footing the bill, hence the time for P3C is now.

20 trillion dollars in transactions every year.

Credit cards account for ~$20 trillion in yearly transactions. This number keeps growing by a function of population and economic growth. Increasingly, micropayments are becoming a standard of businesses engaged in IoT and the gig-economy.

P3C becomes an ubiqitous income token.

Because we are focused on creating lasting products and services here and now, we won't speculate on the possible value of P3C at various stages of growth. We will simply keep integrating systems of commerce in an open manner until it makes sense to call it what it is.

Self-fulfilling prophecy.

We built it. You came. We're creating history together which provides benefits now and for the next 7 generations. Thank you for enabling the collective prosperity. Doesn't it feel good to be the change our world needs?